Annual Cycle

application Timeline

January – August (call for applications)

Multiple calls for applications are issued every year. Applications must be submitted during this time by submitting completed forms and relevant attachments to chapter administrative staff (

August – September (screening and evaluation) 

Upon receipt of applications, the chapter administrative staff screens all applications for admissibility. Basic eligibility requirements are verified and, if required, clarifications or supporting documents are sought from the applicant. 

The Chapter Grants Working Group conducts a thorough evaluation of all admissible annual grant applications. This includes an analysis of the submitted application and, for prior recipients, the financial and narrative reports on the use of any previous grant. 

All applicants are invited to attend a virtual meeting on the third Thursday of September, hosted by the working group and any other interested board members. This meeting is an opportunity for applicants to share additional information, clarify aspects of their application if needed, and/or answer questions from the working group and board. The meeting will be open to viewing by chapter members.

October (Board session and grant recommendations) 

The working group submits recommended applications to the full Chapter Board for their review in October. Board members consider applications through a competitive review process and, in light of the grant program’s annual budget, determine which grant applications to approve and the level of funding recipients will receive. 

November – December (notification and disbursement) 

All applicants are informed of the outcome of their grant application for the following year through a Letter of Notification. Grants are disbursed on a rolling basis.

Implementation and reporting

Awarded annual grants have an implementation period of up to one calendar year following disbursement (January 1 – December 31). In addition to the reporting requirements described below, please note that awardees are encouraged to deliver a presentation about their project at a chapter board or general membership meeting. 

Interim Progress Report

If the project will be implemented over a period of six months or longer, grantees must submit a narrative report by the middle of their expected timeline reporting on the progress of their project. If the project will be implemented within a shorter timeframe, grantees may choose whether to submit 

Final Financial and Narrative Report

Grantees must submit a final financial and narrative report of their use of the grant by either March 1 of the year following full implementation OR three months after the purpose for which the funds were awarded is fulfilled, whichever date is sooner.